With one of the largest entries of livestock in Scotland, main ring entertainment, show jumping, horse and poultry classes and almost 100 trade stands, there really is something for everyone.

Attractions for 2023

The famous Sheep Show & BMX Stunts

Sheep Show

The Sheep Show is Edu-tainment at its best This fun filled show introduces you to 9 different breeds of sheep.

Each has a story to tell with interesting facts and figures relating to their breed… with each taking their place on stage accompanied by their very own theme tune.
Nobby the Norfolk Horn is the star of the show…. And he knows it.
Following the woolly antics of their introduction, we give a live shearing display accompanied by an informative narration where you learn the reasons we shear and the complexities of wool.
And if that’s not enough we round it off with our star-studded flock treating us to “the Sheep Show Shuffle”, yes you heard it here first our very own dancing sheep.

Sheep Show
Sheep Show
Sheep Show

BMX Stunt Show

With the BMX Show you can expect the riders to to fly through the air performing the most breath taking tricks and stunts. Only the very best BMX riders will be performing in the BMX Show (including RedBull athletes) to guarentee you see the most impressive tricks – usually only seen on TV. Tricks include the audience favourite – ‘The Backflip’.

BMX Trick
BMX Trick

fun for the whole family

Fun for the whole family

over 100 tradestands

A wide range of Tradestands


Livestock and equestrian competition